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Museum of the Water


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How to get there

Dársena del Canal (Next to the Canal of Castile). See map

Opening hours 2014

  • Fridays: 17.00 - 20.00; Saturdays: 11.00 - 14.00; 17.00 - 20.00; Sundays & Bank Holidays: 11.00 - 14.00
  • Easter (13-20 April): Open daily.
  • Summer (13 June - 7 September): Open daily.
  • Christmas (20 - 31 December): Open daily, except the 25th. (24th and 31st, only in the morning).

Guided tours for groups available upon request.



Phone: + (34) 979 718 197

The museum

            The Museum of the Water  is an innovative project in Castile. Envisioned from an avant-garde concept that gathers the newest audio-visual techniques and intended for all ages, this is a space of knowledge, increasing awareness and entertainment. Visitors are brought closer to the world of water from a local and global perspective. Also, they will learn about the precious hydraulic heritage in Palencia, as well as devising the ways by which we can contribute towards the preservation of the hydrological resources and their responsible use.

            Water is a vital, natural resource of crucial importance for Palencia, a distinguishing element within its landscape which has marked the territorial evolution of this area. Access to drinkable water is a challenge that requires technology in addition to consciousness-raising and cooperation of the entire society. In this sense, Palencia supports sustainability and defines itself as a Smart City.

The building and its surroundings

            Located in one of the inner harbours of the Canal of Castile, the building is an old barn restored and refurbished in 2010. This works, together with the exhibition supply, implied an important contribution from the City Hall so as to enliven the Canal, which becomes now one more of the numerous tourist attractions in Palencia.

The exhibition. The water in which we live

            Representing the beginning and the end of the permanent exhibition, this space was also designed to hold temporary ones. It shows how water is connected with the environment and human communities, how hydrological resources are administered around the world and in the Iberian Peninsula, and the course of the main watersheds in Palencia.

Download pdf (info in Spanish)

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