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Dear neighbors of Palencia:

I am Mario Simón Martín, Mayor of Palencia.

I present the website of the City Council, an essential tool for your daily relationship with this administration, which I hope you will consider part of yourself.

This window offered by the City of Palencia, aims to expedite as much as possible the procedures that the taxpayer may require from their nearest administration. The interaction between the administrator and the administrator is our raison d'être and this opportunity offered is a totally indispensable mechanism for achieving that end.

The website is not intended to be a still photo of our city, but a place of exchange of relationships in constant evolution, which facilitates the quality of life of the user while avoiding unnecessary procedures that waste time for all neighbors. The evolution and improvement of the service is something that involves us all; on the one hand, it needs the contributions and suggestions of the neighbors, and on the other, the obligation that corresponds to us to adapt.

The work of this portal is based fundamentally on two pillars, one informative and the other instrumental.

Every public institution must be transparent both in the management of material resources, and in the organization of human resources. Public service information must be accessible through all available means at our disposal so that the citizen can be fully informed.

The current society requires above all efficiency in all areas and public institutions, whose sole objective must be to serve citizens, can not be less and must apply new technologies to all aspects of their daily activity in their relations with their administrated.

No less important is the promotion of ecological awareness that this tool lends us, by minimizing procedures that depend on paper or other formats that can damage the environment.

Finally, state that I am at your total disposal, either through virtual channels or, if you prefer, in person in the office of the City of Palencia, which is definitely the home of all of you.

A cordial greeting.

If you wish to receive information about Palencia in English, please send an e-mail to: visitPalencia@aytopalencia.es 

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